Caviar du Palais

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How it began

Shahriar Gharibi, founder of Le Palais Oriental, began to explore the extensive complexity of Iranian caviar as a child. Born not far from the Caspian Sea, his close and distant family worked for the producer Shilat. Meanwhile he is an officially approved importer of Iranian caviar in Switzerland. 

The Team

Behind every successful product is a hardworking team in the background. The team of Caviar du Palais is ready every day to explore and teach the many facets of caviar. From the production of caviar in Iran to the packaging in Switzerland, from the location in Montreux to the delivery in every region of Switzerland, every step is supervised by a competent team.

Blue Marine Foundation

The Caspian Sea was once teaming with enormous sturgeon which are in danger of extinction as a result of over-exploitation and pollution, exacerbated by disputes over the boundaries of territorial waters between the five littoral states.
We support the tremendous project of Blue Marine Foundation and hope to work even more closely with them in the future.

Our Businesses

Caviar du Palais - Shop

On request, we open our exclusive private space for you to taste our different kinds of caviar from the Caspian Sea.

Le Palais Oriental

Offering a refined, intimate dining experience, our restaurant celebrates Iranian and Oriental cuisine.

Tapis du Palais

We have a prestigious and rare collection of Persian carpets from various great contemporary masters.